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Jay Park returns to the music scene once again with the R&B track Joah. Over the past two years, Jay Park has been working hard in molding a sound and image for himself as a solo artist, and thus far, he’s taken some big steps. His full length album, New Breed of 2012 was an incredibly hard-hitting R&B/Dance album with slick production and strong resonance. 2013 is a year of potential for the R&B soloist.

Joah is a track overflowing with charm. The classic R&B melodies paired with a very warm production line gives the song boundless amounts of energy and life. Verses, hooks and bridges flow effortlessly into one another. The hook is perhaps the most iconic part of the song, it’s infectious in its melody and follows in the footsteps of great R&B hooks. Joah is very much an extension of Jay's previous softer releases, more along the lines of Girlfriend. There’s a big step of maturity in this release compared to last year. 

Joah is an impressive R&B release with polished execution, great melodies and a bubbly production line to match. The track serves as another step in Jay Park's maturity as a musician, adding another rung to the ladder. Joah firmly stands as a solid track with all the right ingredients.


4.0 out of 5.0

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Posted on Wednesday, 10 April
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